Colouring Adds An Extra Dimension To Your Rubber Stamping And Scrapping Projects. Basic Information To Help You.

Colour is such an integral part of our world - we use colouring in various forms to create or enhance emotions, to attract attention to ourselves, for advertising, home-decorating and best of all to add a bit of fun to life in general.

It is such a fascinating topic, that has many branches that can be followed, but as this site is about stamping and scrap-booking, I will restrict much of the information to what is directly relevant to those topics.

Colour Combinations are very important in your craft work. They will attract or deter viewers, depending on personal likes and dislikes.

Some of us love the brights -others love the muted, more earthy tones and many people adore the soft subtle tones of pastels.

Explore colour combinations.

The Theme of the card, scrap page or other craft items that you are creating will help to determine the range and hues you choose.

It's quite unlikely that you would select the primaries to create a "Sympathy" card, nor would you choose blues and greens for something related to "A Hot Summer".

Why is this?

Over the years emotional associations have become related to certain colour ranges. That is a fascinating study in itself! To touch just a little on this area and to relate it to how you can manipulate the emotive effect your craft items have on others, discover some facts about colouring with Complimentaries

It is great to know the backing theories of colour and colouring, but you need to know how to translate that information into practical use. Knowing how to achieve different results is half the battle. Then it's up to you as an artist or crafts person to experiment, play and discover further techniques. In other words you can develop your unique style with a little technical know-how.

See this section on ways to add colour to your stamped images.

You might discover information and techniques that help make your projects unique. They are fun - so try them out. Extend yourself a little and enjoy the great feeling that comes with accomplishing something new. Look at the examples for each technique and then look at my Card Galleries. You're sure to find some inspiration, and if you would like further information on:

* How to do a technique,

* How to purchase the equipment I've used,


* you'd just like to make a comment, you can submit this form.

I love chatting to fellow crafters, so bring on the questions!

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